About us

The Flow Makers stemmed from a double realization:

  • First – microfluidics are well-integrated with academics and lead to major scientific breakthroughs. Industrial applications are still seldom thought of.
  • Second – we have gathered, withtin the NBIC Valley, one of the most important clusters of skills, technologies and experience in microfluidics.

We decided to create The Flow Makers to help healthcare professionals benefit from our microfluidic skills to innovate, from fundamental research to manufacturing new products.


Our vision

The quest for medical and scientific innovation in the healthcare industry led to major progress in the past few decades. However, the pace of this innovation is slowly decreasing. New technologies are slowly being integrated to make innovation dynamic again.

At The Flow Makers, we believe microfluidics is key to stimulate innovation, from R&D to production and quality control.


Our mission

The Flow Makers helps the industry to seize opportunities thanks to microfluidics in order to take up their R&D innovation and industrial challenges, while managing the risks of a technological transition.

We design your microfluidic transition strategy with the technology and skills of the many startups in The Flow Makers’ network.

From protocol design to applications, The Flow Makers walks you through the whole innovation and transition journey.


The architect of your microfluidics projects


Conducting awareness, discovery and microfluidic ideation workshops



Audit and definition of the microfluidic transition strategy



Support in the integration of the microfluidic transition strategy: proof of concept and R&D integration


Support in the industrial implementation of microfluidic systems


Dorian B1
172 rue de Charonne
75011 Paris, France


+33 7 60 18 99 47

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